Free Photos, Free People



Since the day I started Keira Grace Photography, I knew I wanted it to be about more than just me. One of the ways I’ve accomplished this is through Free Photos, Free People. The nightmare of sex trafficking is rampant overseas and here in our own backyard.

“The average age of entry for children who are victims of child sex trafficking in our country is 13 years old.”- StreetlightUSA.

“About 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade.”-Equality Now.

These statistics appall me and I refuse to stand by while they get worse. Now, I don’t believe God has called me to run out to the streets to rescue these girls from their pimps, (although part of me wishes that was a possibility). So what CAN we do?!

Keira Grace Photography donates 10% of every session* to three organizations making huge dents in the battle against human sex trafficking in India, Fiji, and right here in Phoenix. In the midst of juggling a job, kids, and life in general it can be easy to pretend this problem doesn’t exist, but I refuse to turn a blind eye to this issue. Join me in my efforts to aid these phenomenal organizations!

For more information about Free Photos Free People, please email me at and to donate, please click HERE.

Here are the links to these amazing organizations. Take some time and read their mission statements. You won’t be disappointed!

Harvest India

Streetlight USA

Homes of Hope, Fiji



*10% donated excludes wedding packages